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Journal articles

Research Paper LCD 102 Spring 20
Research a language you don’t know. Find one that has something you can analyze but not so unusual that you can’t find articles on it. Avoid straight Spanish, French and Chinese unless you can present me a compelling reason or topic.
1. Briefly discuss the language’s history and culture and its current demographics (NO WIKIPEDIA and no cutting and pasting of charts – you will fail). No travel guides or favorite foods. Academic research only. 1 page
2. Describe the major features of the language (2), such as the way verbs are formed, “missing” parts of speech, word formation, word endings and what they represent, or look at a topic like African American English or Spanglish, or compare a creole to the “standard” language, like patois and English. What does your language group say and how do they say it compared to English is a good way to look at it. 3 pages
3. Write a reflection on the language you have chosen, your research experience,what you have learned about language that sticks in your mind, and your future plans with language. 1 page
You will need 2 peer-reviewed or vetted journal articles to back up the information you present on your chosen language. Go on Academic Search Complete or JStor. If you are stuck, I’ll help you. We will review this process in class. But start early. The end comes quickly!
You will each give a 5-minute presentation the last day of class on the language you have decided to write on. A PowerPoint or handout is required.
The final paper is to be turned in the day of the final exam along with a copy of your PowerPoint presentation and/or handout.
You will all need to make a video appointment with me during office hours to discuss the trajectory of your paper. Remember, this is worth 25 percent of your grade. If there is too much demand, I will have another office hour TBA.
Possible Topics
Piranha – a language of the Amazon, newly discovered
Buhari – a language of Uzbekistan, endangered, big cultural center in Forest Hills
Any relatively well-known endangered language, like Basque or Garifuna, for example (go to the ELA site for this)
Languages that have died but been resurrected to varying degrees, like Hebrew and the Amerindian language, Cherokee.
A pidgin language or a lesser-known creole.
Class and other social factors at play in the use of French and Haitian Creole in Haiti
The nature of Spanglish (continued)

Prejudice and language discrimination in Dominican Republic towards Haitians living there
Is your native language a stigmatized language? PROVE it though research!
Why is AAVE a language and not a dialect? Ditto Patois. Are they “broken English?”