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Joining the Visionary Team

Demonstrate your ability to meet the following objective: Discuss the need to include district goals in regards to creating a vision statement and Discuss different strategies for stakeholder ownership in creating the vision statement. Additionally, this discussion is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of Course Learning Outcome Two and further demonstrate your mastery of the MAED Program Learning Outcomes Two and Five.

In Week Two, you created a presentation that detailed the need for creating a new school vision. In this week’s assignment you are to create a school flyer that will excite and recruit stakeholders to join you in creating this new vision stated clearly as the underlying purpose. The flyer will outline the (who, what, when, where and why) needs of creating a vision statement to the stakeholders.

Use the software of your choice to create the flyer. Recommendations include: Smore, EdrawMax, or Microsoft Publisher.
• Audience: appropriate for all school stakeholders.
• Positions: Discuss the various positions in the school as stakeholders and co-developers in creating the new vision statement on the flyer.
• Responsibilities: Outline the responsibilities the stakeholders will assume when creating the vision statement on the flyer.
• Time and Location: Describe the timeline for the project and where the collaborative opportunities will take place for the stakeholders on the flyer.
• Description: Describe why the vision statement is being created and what you hope to accomplish on the flyer.
Required Resources
Required Text
1. Gabriel, J., & Farmer, P. (2009). How to help your school thrive without breaking the bank. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.
a. Chapter 5, pp. 65-75.