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Javon Stewart

Jovan Stewart is a 21-year-old single African-American male in his first semester at the local university. He is majoring in computer science and lives on campus. He has a four-year academic scholarship. He comes to the student counseling center for an appointment with you, a PMHNP.
Jovan is unkempt and disheveled in his appearance. In his backpack, he is carrying all of the books he uses for all of his classes. He states he has been studying for several days for a test in his biology class. As he speaks with you, he is talking about his classes, then he starts to talk about how his car needs an oil change, and that this summer he is planning a trip to Maine to visit his best friend from high school.
When you ask Jovan why he is carrying all of his books with him, he replies that he is fearful his roommate might change the content of the books, which would cause him to fail all of his classes.
Answer the following questions from your perspective as his psychiatric nurse practitioner, in a paper no longer than two double-spaced pages (not including the reference page), in APA format.
1. Identify one screening tool you could use when evaluating Jovan. 2. What additional clinical information would be needed to make a diagnosis of schizophrenia? 3.What interviewing techniques would be best to use with Jovan? 4. Identify a pharmacologic evidence-based intervention that could be used to treat the presentation of current symptoms. 5. Identify what type of psychotherapy would be helpful for Jovan. Is psychotherapy an option for patients with schizophrenia? Provide a rationale. 6. Identify what lab work you would order for Jovan. Provide evidence to support your rationale. 7. Is Jovan in need of hospital stabilization? If so, what steps would you take to seek hospitalization? Would you involve his family? Why or why not?

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