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IT outsourcing: Chrichton Case study

IT outsourcing: Chrichton Case study

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Make specific recommendations on whether IT outsourcing should be used to address the problems within Chrichton. As well as discussing the pros and cons of IT or business process outsourcing, you should identify specific business functions within Chrichton & Diggitin suitable for outsourcing and explain on what basis you have selected them. You should focus on IT and IT-related business functions.

Your perspective should be that you are a newly appointed IT Director at Chrichton Garden and Plants with overall responsibility for both the retail and online (diggitin) systems. You may make reasonable additional assumptions about your role or the company’s situation if you wish, however, you must document any assumptions you make in your answer.

For an acceptable answer, you must demonstrate that you understand the general concepts involved and that you can apply them to the Chrichton/Diggitin scenario. Extra marks will be awarded for the inclusion of other supporting evidence or examples, such as industry data or relevant case studies.

Although the context of all the questions is the Chrichton case study, you must adopt a standard academic style in your answers, including careful referencing of high quality sources. There is no specific word limit, but the expectation is that 4000 words is sufficient and you should not grossly exceed this. Do not pad your answer with background material on Chrichton that you were given on the module.

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