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Is Confucianism compatible with contemporary economic concepts

Choose one of the following questions, and write a response of 5-6 pages. write a paper with a well structured argument that is supported by course readings, lectures, and/or outside readings with proper citations.(If the quote is from a lecture, then you need to specify date of the lecture. If the quote is from a book, then you need to provide the page number. Outside resources are a plus only when you’ve demonstrated a keen understanding of the course materials already. Promiscuously citing a wide range of outside resources without demonstrating knowledge of the course materials is strongly advised against. ) • Explain the problem of moral markets.• Explain the neo Confucian renovation.• Explain the logic of East Asian law.• Explain the five constant virtues with a particular emphasis on Ren. • Explain self-cultivation and its political significance. • Explain the overall significance of the family for human flourishing. • Is Confucianism compatible with contemporary economic concepts? Explain. • Is Confucianism liberal or conservative?

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