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Investment Ethics

Investment Ethics

This essay should be 900 words with a ( dialectic essay) please read all the description and the document i attached. you (must) include stuff from the document and the description in this essay
If you do this as an Issue Essay, tackle an issue directly and you can still refer to cases in passing.

Is investment just another form of gambling, and if so does that
make it morally unjustified? Handle a case of investment whose moral
legitimacy might be questioned, and apply the case study format to
it to seek a solution. It may be a case of insider trading, day
trading, selling short, investment in futures, mechanized trading,
etc. How can it be argued that any of this is productive? Or, in the
case of insider trading, how can it be argued that it is wrong? How
can we expect anyone to follow a law against insider trading when
they have the information anyway, owing to their position in the
Another controversial case is the teaming up of investment minds
with political insiders. Is this not another kind of de facto
insider trading? What if the sources of knowledge are through
informal friendships?
Below is a Skelly-analysis of investment according to purpose, with
related questions.
As categorized by intention, there are three different types of
investment. They can overlap one another in the same actions.
1. Private Investment – a party’s lending resources to or buying
ownership in enterprises for the sake of that party’s own
2. Entrepreneurial Investment – A party’s lending or giving resources
to enterprises for the sake of the success of that enterprise.
3. Social Investment – A party’s lending or giving resources to, or
buying ownership in, enterprises for the sake of the improvement

of society.
Sample argument:
1. A prosperous society depends on the goals of Investment of types
2 and 3 being met.
2. The strategy of pursuing Private investment alone is bound to
to meet the purposes of social and entrepreneurial investment.
3. Any investment strategy that fails to meet the purposes required
for a society to be prosperous is wrong.
C. The investment strategy of pursuing private investment alone is

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