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Introduction of Integrative Case Analysis

Identify the domestic or international market you are taking the product or service from and where you are taking the product or service to and Type of Product

The domestic market I will derive my product from is California and I will take the product to various places in California as I will deal with solely the domestic market which is restricted to within a country’s borders therefore I cannot take my product to international markets (Mastroianni et al., 2017). The Californian Company I will be dealing with is the Apple Company, a prominent company due its recognized brands worldwide. The type of product that I will be offering is a manufacturing product since it will be used in the assembling of other final products. The product is IPhone batteries and motherboards which will be used in the final production of IPhones in the Apple Company (Summary: the 22 immutable laws of marketing – al ries and jack trout: Violate Them At Your Own Risk, 2013).

Draw structural framework (organizational chart)

Apple Organizational Chart

Explain your role in the organization, if any.

My role in the organization is a supplier of the company’s raw materials that is iPhone batteries and motherboards. I am in charge of ensuring that the company has adequate materials and resources to manufacture its iPhones.

THINK about the ICA and select aspects of possible policy and strategy implications that might apply as you progress through the course and your readings, plus the self-selected Case Studies

 Studying is considered to be a long unending process and ICA presents a variety of policy along with strategy implications which can assist an individual in being successful throughout their course as well as readings. Some of these policy as well as strategy implications which can be essential for me in my course and studies are ethics along with culture and also corporate governance. They will act as a guideline to how I conduct myself throughout my course and will act as a tool for helping me to be in compliance with all the rules and regulations in undertaking a course and avoiding future inconveniences in getting a job. ICA also assists an individual in choosing the most appropriate subject that they fit in (Millar & Facet Publishing, 2017). 

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