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Intro to Film Studies – Cinematography

Cinematography: Writing in movement
1. Photographic aspect of the shot
2. Framing of the shot
3. Duration of the shot


Range of tonality
    Film Stock: fast/slow-contrast
    Post-production (chemicals /digitally)
    Tinting and Toning

Speed of Motion
Inversely proportional (24fps)
The flicker effect

The perception of information about scale, depth, and spatial relations among parts of the scene

The lens and the eye

Focal length: the distance from the center of the lens to the point where light rays converge to a point of focus on the film.

Short (wide angle) less than 35mm
    Distort edges, exaggerates distances, deep depth of field
Middle (Normal) 50 mm
    Close to the human eye
Long (Telephoto) above 75mm
    Flattens distances, shallow depth of field
    Rack/Differential Focus

Depth of Field/Deep Space

Job Cost Control

Project Instructions

  1. This is a class group project. You are expected to work in groups of no more than two students.
  2. The project is worth 20% of your final course grade and is due on the day of your final exam. There is no presentation required for this project.
  3. The Project consists of two (2) parts:
    A. Completing the JCC: (70% of your Project Grade)
    The JCC Sheet is stored in BBLearn and it is an excel sheet that allows you to enter the data necessary to complete this project. Here is what you need to do:
    a. You need to pick a project that you are to complete for a client. It could be a design project, supervision project, etc. as long as there will be staff working on it.
    b. As the owner of the company doing the project for the client, you need to figure out the total cost for completing the project by utilizing the JCC. You will list the staff working on the project along with their hourly rates and come up with the cost of employing these staff.
    c. You will also determine the cost associated with the employment of a subcontractor(s) and other disbursements costs to come up with your total cost.
    d. You will then propose a fee to be charged to your client so that a profit between 22% and about 26% results and earned.
    e. Finally, you are to write a report as per the specifications below.
    B. Completing the Report: (15% of your Project Grade)

a. At least two (2) pages of summary of your report is to accompany the JCC sheet.
b. The summary should explain clearly the methodology you used in completing the JCC. You should, for example, define/describe the project you will complete for your client, describe your business (company), describe your staff and the types of costs you will incur by doing the job for your client, and any assumptions you made while completing the JCC.

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