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Interview techniques and styles

Please draft a one page outline of the Week 7 paper.  The directions for the paper are below.  This paper is due in week 7 and must be 5-7 pages.  For THIS assignment, a one page outline is due.  There are no specific requirements for this paper, other than it being an outline of what you plan to submit in your final paper.  This is a great way to organizeyour thoughts and ensure that you will be on track.  This is worth 20 points.

Instructions: In this course, we look at a verity of different interview techniques and styles. We also look at the different kinds of perspectives on ethical issues and how they fit into properly conducting interviews.

For this paper, you will pick a course related topic to discuss, but one that is not a specific topic addressed in our text. Be creative! I do not want you to reiterate the text, but choose a topic in the text and expand on it. Don’t provide the same examples the text uses. Some examples are given below, but it is recommended that you choose to write on a topic you have already encountered or you have thought about previously. Of necessity, the instructions for this assignment are somewhat vague. Each student will have to explore different resources and will need to develop an individual approach to the subject. The goal is a brief but detailed exploration of some narrowly defined aspect of Interviewing Practices.

Identify, specifically, the strengths of your topic and what some weaknesses are. Drawing on various sources, explain the details of your topic. Assume I know nothing about this topic and share your research on it with me. Why is it important? What have you learned? What are the Pro’s and Con’s? When would this be used? What is the history on this topic?

Research papers are generally divided into two main categories: informative or argumentative. Informative papers generally demonstrate your understanding of a subject, simply reflecting what information is out there. Or you can choose to write an argumentative paper. You could information, offering commentary and opinions though taking no clear position, or you may offer a solution to a problem or argue that a law is having an unwanted effect.

The more specific you can be the better, and feel free to include examples that will strengthen your account.

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