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Paper details:
Students are asked to read several of the research presentations and respond to ONE of them by creating a lesson plan or plan for intervention to assist individuals with the problems described in the research presentation. This assignment addresses the teaching goal of identifying strategies for facilitating the development of people. For example, if your classmate’s presentation concerns adolescent identity in the face of parental divorce, create a plan for intervention or treatment to help those adolescents that is based on the conclusions of the research presentation. If your classmate’s presentation concerns caregivers’ health problems in the face of a family member with Alzheimer’s, create a plan for intervention or treatment to help those caregivers that is based on the results of the studies summarized in the presentation. If your classmate’spresentation concerns college student grades in the face of extracurricular involvement in athletics, create a lesson plan or intervention plan to help college students that is based on the results of the studies. If your classmate’spresentation concerns the effects of silent reading on middle schoolers’ comprehension skills, create a lesson plan to help middle schoolers that is based on the resultsof the studies. Convince me that your plan is based on the results of the studies. Please create your OWN intervention–do not borrow one used in your school district or found in another study. Think CREATIVELY about what you might do, why it should work, and exactly how you would implement it. Think through the steps of implementation.
The plan should identify a target audience, and a target frame of duration, and contain an objective, a summary of skills to be developed, and specific techniques for reaching the objective and developing the skills. Be sure to identify the research presentation that you are responding to and explain how your intervention addressesthe issues explained in your classmate’s research presentation.
Please note that in your References section you should never include any article that you yourself have not read. Your classmate’s research presentation will list both of the studies your classmate read to produce the research presentation. I encourage you to work from the summaries produced by your classmate. Unless you have read those original studies yourself, you may not ethically cite those studies. If you use other sources in preparing your IP, you should cite those sources faithfully.
I prefer that you write your IP in Word. Please attach the rubric (available under the purple button “Course Documents”) to the end of your plan.
The IP will be evaluated according to the rubric underCourse Documents and is worth 60 points (10%) of your course grade. Please send the IP (in a Microsoft Word format) to me as an email attachment with the rubric copied into the last pages no later than the date listed .

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