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Intersectional Analysis of How the Media Covers Missing Women of Color (media bias)

The literature review without the title page, endnotes, or bibliography, must be eight to nine pages in length. It must be typed, double spaced, with appropriate citations. Follow either the American Sociological Association Style Guide for citations and all references. The literature review should be organized in the following manner:

Text: Introduction- Brief (one to three paragraphs) explaining your overall topic of interest

Review: Identify, through a narrative format, the key ideas (points, counterpoints, expansions)

Conclusion: State the idea or issue again, and identify a possible research methodto gather data to explore the viability of ideas contained within the literature review.

NOTE: In all sections you should use in-text citations if you are using ASA Style Guide.

Endnotes: Include items that you may have wanted to address in the main body of the text or point to additional interests that may relate in a peripheral way to the key topic.

Bibliography: Include all works cited, and any other sources that you may feel are relevant to the topic. A minimum of 10 scholarly sources is required.