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Interpreting Imminent Danger within the Use of Force Policy

1. Per the Lecture notes, and pursuant to the concept of Imminent Danger, briefly interpret Imminent Danger within the Use of Force Policy, and give one example in which a proper level of force could be used, based on danger being presented in various forms. as a threat to public safety. (Write One paragraph ) no sources needed

2. “Because accountability begins with access to reliable data, this Report describes how NYPD does and does not track use-of-force data, and how the usefulness of that information can be improved by adopting a more precise use-of-force policy coupled with standardized force reporting (NYCDOI, 2015).”
Based on this statement above, and the concepts found on Page 5 of this document (below), WRITE A ONE PAGE REACTION PAPER (single spaced), where you will interpret these FINDINGS, and cite the most important data that supports these findings, based on your interpretation of the relevant information scrutinizing this policy, as seen next:
1. NYPD’s current use-of-force policy is vague and imprecise, providing little guidance to individual officers on what actions constitute force.
2. NYPD’s current procedures for documenting and reporting force incidents are fragmented across numerous forms, and officers frequently use generic language that fails to capture the specifics of an encounter.
3. NYPD’s Patrol Guide does not properly instruct officers to de-escalate encounters with the public
source needed

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