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International Economics

Prepare a short (around10-14 pages long) research paper on one of the following topics:

1. Trade Policy of …. (a country of your choice)
2. Exchange Rate Policy of … (a country of your choice)
3. Structural Adjustment Policies in …. (a country or an economic region of your choice)
4. Monetary Policy in … (a country or a region) after the Global Financial and Economic Crisis of 2007-2012
5. Anti-Poverty Strategies and Policies in … (a country or an economic region of your choice)
6. Economic and Financial Repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paper format:
Title page (title, author’s name, abstract)
I. Introduction (state the main purpose of your study, briefly describe the working hypothesis, also describe the analytical model (if any) and the methodology, paper organization)
II. Literature overview
III. The model description or core analytical discussion of the main concept
IV. Empirical evidence
V. Conclusions
Footnotes, tables, figures can be included in the main text.

Useful internet library resources:
Social Science Research Network
Research Papers in Economics
Economists Online
The German National Library of Economics
FRB St. Louis database:
Google Scholar:
Scientific Commons
Bank for International Settlements
IMF – Global Financial Stability Reports:
and others.