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Internal Memorandum

Client Name: Jimmy McGill

File Reference: RJ1234

TO: Trainee Solicitor

Date: 18/10/2021

FROM: (Supervisor)

SUBJECT MATTER: Legal Admission query for Jimmy McGill

I took instructions from a new client, Jimmy McGill. I have attached a copy of the file note detailing the conversation that took place.

I need your assistance on this matter. As you know I am snowed under with work at the moment, so I need you to take responsibility for this. You should report back to me using the internal memorandum template provided to you.

You will note from the attached file note that Jimmy has gotten himself into a spot of bother! I have set out below two main areas of concern for Jimmy:

(1) Jimmy works in the mail room of a local law practice but has been representing himself as a “solicitor” when going out to the bar although, in fact, he is not yet admitted as a solicitor. One of Jimmy’s friends got caught trying to scam a patron at the bar and Jimmy represented himself as a solicitor to the police when his friend was arrested. One of the officers became suspicious when they recognized him from a provious arrest (from years ago) when Jimmy faked a slip and fall to scam a store owner (earning him the nickname ‘Slipping Jimmy’). Although those charges were dropped because he was a minor, he is now facing charges for claiming to be a soliciter (see below for more information). He wants to apply for admission as a solicitor in Queensland as soon as possible.

On a side note, I also viewed his LinkedIn profile and several people were recommending him for the skills of “legal research” and “legal advice”.

(2) When Jimmy was 18 years old he was convicted of one traffic offence of driving under the influence of alcohol in the Queensland Magistrates Court. He also has some academic misconduct issues that arose at University. See the file note for more information.

We need to prepare advice for Jimmy advising him of the following:

(i) Jimmy must appear before the Brisbane Magistrates court in a few weeks in relation to unathorised practice of law. We need to assess the merits of his case, advising on likelihood of success and any applicable penalties he could be facing if convicted. The relevant charge is being brought under s 24 of the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Queensland) alleging that he has engaged in legal practice unlawfully.

(ii) If he is convicted then we need to advise Jimmy what impact this will have on his application for admission later this year.

(iii) We also need to advise on whether the academic misconduct, arrests and criminal conviction need to be disclosed to the legal admissions board, and if so, what implication this will have on the admission process.

(iv) Please include any other advice you deem necessary in order to advise Jimmy.

A. Brief Answer
B. Factual Background
C. Issues
D. Advice
Word count MUST BE Written between 1100 – 1300.

You do not need to make form as paper indicated being of left top like ;file name, to, date, and from. You just work editing the memo written from pre-assessment.