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Project description
This module explores the issues of integration of mobile, social, search and display advertising into a seamless campaign for synergistic effects. The integration becomes increasingly important because more consumers interact with brands through various touchpoints and the multichannel shopping is the way to go for the majority of shoppers. This module examines the implications of such advances, synergistic media effects, and hard and soft metrics of advertising effectiveness measurement.


Appreciate various touchpoints and multichannel marketing.
Understand the digital media synergy.
Get familiar with soft and hard metrics of advertising effectiveness.

The lecture reviews the latest advances in multichannel marketing and the rising needs for integrated campaigns of interactive advertising, explores different approaches to integrate various touchpoints and media for synergistic effects, and introduces commonly used metrics for the assessment of interactive advertising effectiveness.


1 What Ive Learned (250 words)

For this final essay, please (1) reflect on your experience with this course and share (2) what you have liked the most and (3) what you have disliked the most, and (4) give us your suggestions as to how the course may be improved for better learning outcomes.

2 Reflection (500 words)

For this reflection, please synthesize the lecture and readings to explore three considerations that your think are essential for a successful integration of different media and content types in interactive advertising. Cite the lecture or readings where appropriate.

3 Brand Integrated Campaign (750 words)

For this final project, you review the previous projects you have completed and then select most suitable elements to make an integrated campaign that may consist of different media and content types for newly set objectives. The focus should be a seamless integration for synergistic effects of the new interactive campaign.

Your project report should include the following:

A description of the integrated campaign, in terms of objectives, target audience, creative message (campaign theme), media selection (mobile, social, search) and advertisement types, and time frame.
Visuals to illustrate your creative ideas.
Reasoning for the synergetic effects of all the integrated parts.
Important things you have considered in the campaign development.
The metrics for assessing the effectiveness of the integrated campaign.
Any inspirations or difficulties that you encountered in this project.

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