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Interactive Storytelling Lesson

Interactive Storytelling Lesson

Question #1: 15 marks

Read the article on the hero’s journey and CCT312_L3_R1_Jenkins_Matrix_Unicorn.pdf from your folder. Watch these three videos on Joseph Campbell and describe why the monomyth and comparative mythology were used for the basis of ‘The Matrix’. (500 words)

What is the Hero’s Journey? TEDX: 11 minutes

T‪he Matrix – Joseph Campbell Monomyth‬ and Comparative Mythology: 3:48

More on Monomyth 7:18

Optional: The Matrix and the Hero’s Journey – explaining using the hero’s journey stages in movies 11 minutes

Question #2: 5 marks Watch these two videos on Joseph Campbell and describe his definition of “Follow your Bliss” in relation to the Hero’s Journey. (200-250 words)

Joseph Campbell On Becoming an Adult: 5:40

Joseph Campbell – Follow you‬r‪ bliss‬ 3 minutes

Question#3: 5 marks

Review the definitions of RPGs, the Hero’s Journey, game balance, game mechanics and game rules before you begin this assignment.

Watch this video to help you – it has a brilliant explanation:

What are video game mechanics? Concept explained! 5:44

Sometimes called ‘core mechanics’ or ‘gameplay mechanics’ this term can be quite tricky to get your head around, so in this video I explain what exactly they are. This is a key concept for anyone studying video game development and video game design. Examples used include Sonic the Hedgehog, Flappy Bird, Halo, Command and Conquer, and Total Annihilation.

List five different mechanics the speaker discusses in the game, and describe how they work:

Question #4 : 5 marks

Using CLOSAT (characters, location, object, situation, acts or levels, themes) to analyze Ms Pacman at to fill in the following analysis:

a) Character(s):

b) Location(s):

c) Object(s):

d) Situation(s):

e) Act(s) or Level(s):

f) Theme(s):

g) Describe the game balance, game mechanics, resource mechanics, and game rules of Ms Pacman. How is the gameplay determined by all of these combined?

Using CLOSAT (acronym of the above) is a wonderful way to generate really great games!

Question #5: 10 marks

Let’s look at an example of a circular narrative by Spike Jonze called ‘How they got There’, and analyze the choices by the characters in this short film. Refer to your article

Example of circular narrative: ‘How They Get There’, 1997: 2:05 by Spike Jonze at

Article: What Is a Circular Narrative Style?
by Elissa Hansen, Demand Media

A story that ends in the same place it began is commonly called a circular or cyclical narrative. While literature during and after the Modernist period experimented heavily with nonlinear narrative, circular narrative appears in nearly every genre and in the mythologies of many cultures. Although the narrative’s beginnings and ends mirror each other, as do the introduction and conclusion of an essay, the narrative almost never leaves characters or events unchanged.

Many poems have a similar first and last stanza. John Keats’ ballad “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” begins and ends with a question and answer that use nearly the same language. The circular structure here is temporal, beginning in the narrative present with a speaker asking a knight what happened to him, moving into the past with the knight’s recollection, and returning to the present when the knight concludes his story. In a more complex example, the 14th-century poem “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” exemplifies the circular narrative’s popularity in Arthurian mythology. At Christmastime, Sir Gawain embarks on a quest, and he journeys for a year before fulfilling his obligation and returning to the court at Christmastime.

Novels are particularly fond of circular narratives. Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” opens with Alice playing outside on a riverbank. When she falls down a rabbit hole, she embarks on a fantastic journey through Wonderland before her sister awakens her, recalling her to the riverbank. Books in C. S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia” series employ a similar journey into an alternate realm and back to the “real world,” as does much science fiction and fantasy.

Film and Television
Films frequently employ cyclical narrative structures as well. The movie “Looper,” for example, centers on characters who travel back in time to be killed by their past selves. Circularity can also occur in genres with multiple episodes. At the beginning of the television series “Lost,” for example, the shot centers on the closed eye of Jack, one of the protagonists, as it suddenly opens. The camera zooms out to show Jack lying on the ground. The last episode of the series concludes with Jack lying in the same spot, and the camera zooms in on his open eye just before it finally closes.

Circular narrative is common in lyrics from every age, and particularly in children’s songs. The terror of parents everywhere, “The Song That Never Ends” makes good on its title: The last phrase of one verse becomes the first phrase of the next verse so the song can be infinitely repeated. More somberly, Elvis’ ballad “In the Ghetto” chronicles the cycle of poverty and violence in Chicago’s housing projects. The first and last five lines mirror each other. The song begins, “As the snow flies/On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’/A poor little baby child is born/In the ghetto/And his mama cries.” It concludes with the death of that baby, grown into an “angry young man,” and the birth of another baby who is implicitly his son: “As her young man dies,/On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’,/Another little baby child is born/In the ghetto/And his mama cries.”

▪ La Belle Dame Sans Merci
▪ Elvis Presley — In the Ghetto Lyrics
▪ The Camelot Project: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
▪ The Victorian Web: On Borrowed Time: Cycles of Narrative, Nature, and Memory in the Work of Tennyson and Eliot
▪ Alice in Wonderland; Lewis Carroll
▪ The Chronicles of Narnia; C. S. Lewis

Read the above article, then answer these questions about ‘How They Get There’: 10 marks

a) What is a ‘circular narrative’ and how has this story structure been used in ‘How They Get There’?

b) How are the character’s actions representative of playing a game with each other?

c) How does the ending of the film make the beginning of the film plausible for the audience? If the male character chose to do one thing differently in relation to the female character, would there be the same final outcome?

d) How has Spike Jonze made the interaction of the characters believable so that we accept the ending of the film?

e) Are there any mythological references from within the short film’s narrative (hint: research ‘siren’)?

Electronic digital storytelling can be a brief kind of digital mass media production which allows daily individuals to talk about aspects of their scenario. The press employed might include the digital same in principle as film strategies , stills, sound only, or some of the other styles of non-bodily press (fabric that is available only as electronic data files in contrast to actual works of art or images on paper, seems saved on adhesive tape or disc, movies saved on video) which men and women may use to inform a narrative or existing a concept. “Digital storytelling” is a relatively new term which describes the new practice of everyday people who use digital tools to tell their ‘story’. Computerized accounts often within persuasive and emotionally fascinating formats, and will be exciting.

The phrase “computerized storytelling” may also include a selection of electronic digital narratives (online-dependent accounts, interactive stories, hypertexts, and story video games) It is usually employed to make reference to video-generating on the whole, and recently, it has been accustomed to explain advertising and marketing efforts by business and non-income businesses.

One can determine computerized storytelling since the method in which varied individuals talk about their daily life tales and inventive imaginings with others. This more recent type of storytelling come about using the advent of reachable multimedia generation strategies, software and hardware, including however, not restricted to cameras, electronic tone of voice recorders, iMovie, Microsoft Pictures, Closing Lower Communicate and WeVideo. These technologies allow people to talk about their accounts over the web online, Vimeo, lightweight discs, podcasts, as well as other electronic digital circulation methods.

One could think of electronic digital storytelling because the modern day extension from the ancient artwork of storytelling, now interwoven with digitized still and transferring photos and seem. As a result of new mass media and computerized systems, folks can approach storytelling from special perspectives. Many people use elaborate non-traditional tale varieties, including non-linear and interactive narratives.[1]

Simply put, electronic digital testimonies are multi media demonstrations that combine a number of communicative elements within a story construction. Media could include any combination of these: textual content, graphics, online video, sound, social media elements (like tweets), or interactive factors (like charts).

Computerized testimonies may be used as being an expressive medium sized in the class room to integrate subject material with extant knowledge and skills from over the courses. Pupils can also work individually or collaboratively to create their own personal digital tales. Once completed, these stories can easily be uploaded to the internet and can be made available to an international audience, depending on the topic and purpose of the project.[2] Digital story telling now in 2020 is one of the best ways to communicate to the public. People have been enduring because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Many people have passed away as a result of malware and they would like to obtain their story out to people to produce a big difference. The best way to do that is online (digital) and notify the storyline (digital storytelling). This way folks can maintain distance but still connect. This is the best method men and women will get information out to everyone as well as for people to see easily. Electronic storytelling is additionally how many people have been getting the term out about Black color Lives Matter. It is exactly how Dark Day-to-day lives Matter motion was made. Due to individuals informing the story on social media marketing (Electronic digital) other people are already able to see the injustice there may be enter justice program. Men and women could see and know how George Floyd died.

Development and pioneers The broad definition has been used by many artists and producers to link what they do with traditions of oral storytelling and often to distinguish their work from slick or commercial projects by focusing on authorship and humanistic or emotionally provocative content. Improvement and pioneers The wide classification has been used by many artists and makers to link their business with traditions of mouth storytelling and often to tell apart their job from smooth or commercial jobs by focusing on authorship and humanistic or emotionally provocative information. A number of the other performers who may have described themselves as electronic storytellers will be the delayed Dana Atchley,[4] his collaborator Joe Lambert, Abbe Wear, Brenda Laurel, and Pedro Meyer.

The “speedy narrated movements photos” brief clarification of digital storytelling originates from a generation work shop by Dana Atchley together with the American Action picture Institution in 1993 which was changed and enhanced by Joe Lambert inside the the middle of-1990s directly into a method of education publicized with the San Francisco Bay Area-organized StoryCenter (formerly the Midsection for Electronic digital Storytelling).[5]

At StoryCenter (formerly the Center for Electronic Storytelling), electronic tales are produced in intense classes. The item is really a quick film that mixes a narrated piece of personalized composing, photo and other still images, as well as a musical soundtrack. Technological innovation enables those with out a technological track record to create functions that explain to a story using “relocating” graphics and seem. The low processing and memory space demands for utilizing stills as opposed to video clip, and the ease in which the so-known as “Ken Burns” pan outcome might be generated with internet or typical video clip editing application, make it easy to produce visual but short videos.

Electronic storytelling was incorporated into community broadcasting by the BBC’s Catch Wales undertaking dealing with organisations like Busting Boundaries. These season an identical task was introduced from the BBC in England titled Revealing Life. Sveriges Utbildningsradio produced Rum för Berättande (Room for Storytelling).[6] Netherlands Educational Tv set Teleac/NOT developed a system with young people around the land. KQED, Difficult Mountain / hill PBS, WETA and also other community tv stations in america have created assignments. Electronic storytelling is evolving from your straightforward narrated movie to forms that are interactive and check far better. Such as websites and internet based video tutorials developed to encourage triggers, charm, instruct, and advise followers.

Parts The most crucial attributes of the computerized scenario are that this will no longer conforms on the traditional conventions of storytelling since it is competent at incorporating still imagery, moving imagery, seem, and text, as well as being nonlinear and consist of exciting features. The expressive capabilities of modern technology provides a broad base out of which to combine. It enhances the expertise for both the author and target audience and enables higher interactivity.

With the appearance of brand new media devices like personal computers, digital cameras, recorders, smartphones, and application, folks may reveal their electronic digital testimonies over the internet, on discs, podcasts, or another electronic mass media. Electronic storytelling brings together the ability of storytelling with multimedia characteristics like picture taking, written text, mp3, voiceover, hypertext and online video. Electronic digital tools and computer software make it simple and easy convenient to generate a electronic digital scenario. Popular computer software consists of iMovie and Microsoft Pictures for customer-friendly options. Standard software package contains iMovie and Microsoft Images for user-friendly possibilities.

Educators often determine the benefit of computerized storytelling since the variety of specialized equipment from which college students may pick for imaginative expression. Learners set out to use these tools in new ways to make meaningful content. Students learn new software, choose images, edit video, make voice-over narration, add music, create title screens, and control flow and transitions. Pupils find out new software program, opt for photos, change video recording, make voice-over narration, increase the amount of tracks, make headline exhibits, and manage stream and transitions. It can be possible to click images or textual content in order to choose what will come about after that, result in a function to happen, or get around to on the web content material.

Furthermore, differences could be attracted between Internet 2. storytelling and this of digital storytelling. Online 2. storytelling has been said to generate a community of contacts via social networking, running a blog, and YouTube that transcends beyond the conventional, single circulation of electronic storytelling. It tends to “aggregate huge amounts of microcontent and creatively choose designs out of an almost unfathomable volume of info,”[7] hence the range of Online 2. storytelling are certainly not necessarily obvious.[8]

Another kind of electronic storytelling may be the micromovie, that is “an incredibly brief exposition long lasting from a couple of seconds to at most a few minutes in length. It enables the teller to combine private composing, photo photos or online video video footage, narrative, noise consequences, and music. Many people, irrespective of capability, have the ability to explain to their tales through appearance and sound and talk about those accounts with others.