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Interactive database that provides national and state-level data

Use an interactive database that provides national and state-level data about the health status and behaviors of Americans. You can access the Data, Trends, and Map database through the following CDC link:
Categories include:
• obesity/weight
• breastfeeding
• fruits and vegetables
• physical activity
• sugar drinks
• television watching
Data can also be filtered by demographics such as gender and race/ethnicity.
1. Select any state for location (you will be comparing data from 2 different states).
2. Select one of the categories from the list above from the dropdown menu under “Explore by Indicator.” Select a subcategory such as “behavior” or “environmental/policy” if it applies.

• Introduce the health status/behavior category you have chosen (obesity, breast feeding, fruits and vegetables, etc.).
• Compare the data between the two states you have chosen (how do the values differ by category? How does the sample size influence the data for each state and category?)
• Copy and paste your graph into your presentation, summarizing the data shown. How do the average values for each of your states compare to national data? (see additional data and statistics at CDC: How well do you think each state is performing compared to national levels?
• Submit your Excel spreadsheet with graph as well as PowerPoint presentation