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Intelligence Specialist in the US Navy

An Intelligence Specialist in the US Navy and was a private investigator. Using those jobs please show how the jobs have taught the course objectives.
See the attached resume/training I have that can be used. Please do each CO seperate.
Can use sources if needed. But most will fall under the attachment Please show how my jobs have taught me the course. (some of my cases as a criminal investigator are food stamp fraud, animal cruelty and joint terrorism)
CO1: Analyze the criminal intelligence environment.
CO2: Evaluate the distinct role of the criminal intelligence analyst.
CO3: Critique an organization’s analytic readiness.
CO4: Assess analytic tools, techniques and tradecraft.
CO5: Assess how information is transformed into useable intelligence.
CO6: Appraise distinct criminal intelligence areas.
CO7: Evaluate future intelligence options and methods.