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Intelligence and IS.

Class is in intelligence and focus group is IS. Diagram and explanation. No specific word count, but enough to explain the model, single-spaced (not including the title or reference pages in the count) Description: Design a process/methodology that illustrates the planning of an attack for your focus group. Include variables that affect target selection, weapons acquisition, security evasion. You are expected to utilize and build on the information gained from the readings in the course. You may send the Instructor a draft of the diagram prior to final submission. Note: The intention of this assignment is force the participant to come up with their own analytical model. One that they can use for the future. If it is their own, it will always be of use to you. Therefore, I am also forcing myself to give you minimal instruction, I hope it will suffice for the first step. However, I will have a look at your first draft and guide you more thereafter so the output will be optimal. But the first draft has to be your own. It will also give me an idea how you have understood the course materials. More importantly, it will help you with your final assignment and understanding and assessing terrorist techniques in the future.

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