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Intelligence and homeland security Essay Solution

Construct a 12 to 15 page paper addressing the substantive issues surrounding a topic you are interested in regarding intelligence and homeland security. You may engage resources from the course materials. The paper should be 8-10 pages in length (MAXIMUM) and bibliographic content is not included in the page length. Students are required to have at least 10 sources to back up their original content. In intelligence analysis assessments are made and then numerous sources are used to justify trends seen to better indicate future behavior. The class is emulating that type of environment for students and prepares students for these types of analytical demands. The focus on writing original analysis and supporting claims with numerous citations (ie message traffic).

1. How can the US Intelligence Community best provide accurate, relevant and timely indications and warnings of potential threats?
2. What caused the intelligence failure of 9/11 and how can this be corrected in the future?
3. Why is strategic warning a “unique analytic challenge that demands continued reassessment and improvement”?

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