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Intelligence analyst for the Department of Homeland Security

Intelligence analyst for the Department of Homeland Security

You are an intelligence analyst for the Department of Homeland Security assigned to the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (DHS-OIA). You are currently working in the Special Events Unit and are responsible for producing an intelligence assessment outlining potential threats to the upcoming United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting that is to take place in New York City 2 months from now. As a result of the collection plan you recently developed, you have just received the following source reporting from a HUMINT source. This source has reported information in the past and is deemed reliable. The source had direct access to the reported information by virtue of his normal daily activities:
Source recently met with an individual by the name of Adnan Last Name Unknown, an Albanian national and suspected member of AKA, residing in New Jersey. According to Source, Adnan explained a scheme by which he traffics MDMA (ecstasy) tablets acquired in Elbasan, Albania into the United States. Adnan traveled to Elbasan, Albania four times last year. Adnan has been able to acquire ecstasy tablets at a wholesale price of $1 per tablet. Adnan purchased $10,000 worth of ecstasy tablets per trip. Adnan then purchased 25 bags of coffee beans packaged in foil wrappers. The coffee bean packages were opened, and the ecstasy tablets were comingled, 400 tablets per bag, with the coffee beans, and the foil wrappers are then resealed. The coffee bags are placed in his luggage. Adnan stated that he has had no problem smuggling the ecstasy into the United States using this method, and he stated that his associates, also Albanian nationals, have successfully
smuggled ecstasy tablets into the United States for Adnan using this same method approximately three to four times per year. Adnan has a connection in New York, NY who buys the ecstasy tablets for $5 per tablet.
Source reported that several AKA members in the New York area were planning to conduct an operation during an upcoming major event that is scheduled to take place sometime in the next couple of months. Source was not clear what event they were referring to but stated that it was something “the whole world” would be watching. Source stated that the operation would include the use of suicide bombers disguised as guests of the event. Source also stated that other AKA operatives would be positioned near the venue to set off some sort of chemical device within the subway system for those trying to evacuate the scene. Source stated that an identified U.S. citizen named Randolph King recently established a group he referred to as AKA-NY as a local
branch of the terrorist group AKA. King has been in contact with alleged AKA member Alek Alothman, who lives in New Jersey, and other unidentified AKA affiliates throughout the United States, including AKA commander Zameer Rayani. King hopes to obtain the names and contact information of other group members.
King plans on promoting his new group through a Web site and hopes to also sell T-shirts and hats with the group’s logo on them to raise money. Source stated that AKA has become more aggressive in its campaign against the government of Albania. AKA has gone beyond its efforts of attacking government assets within Albanian borders, and it is looking to target the Albanian government on a larger scale. According to the source, AKA is looking to embarrass the Albanian government and to make it look weak in front of the world.
Source stated that AKA members from Albania are being sponsored by a New York–based company called AlAkzam World for those individuals to obtain H1-B visas to enter the United States. Once the AKA members receive sponsorship, they can apply for the H1-B visa, which will allow them to enter the United States for a period of up to 1 year. Although they are supposed to be coming to work for this company, most of the members do not. According to the source, these members only use the company to get into the United States and then go their separate ways. In fact, most overstay the terms of their visa and never leave.
Discuss in 400- 500 words the HUMINT source reporting with your group, and identify the key pieces of raw intelligence from the scenario above that may potentially satisfy the intelligence requirements listed below:
What individuals or groups are planning terrorist acts directed at the UNGA meeting in New York?
What individuals, groups, or delegations attending the UNGA meeting in New York are being targeted by domestic or international terrorists?
What groups or individuals associated with criminal or terrorist activities are active in the New York area of operations?
Which foreign intelligence service will attempt to use the UNGA meeting in New York as an intelligence collection opportunity?
Which delegations attending the UNGA meeting in New York are being targeted by foreign intelligence services?

In accordance with edge theorist Peter Andreas, the roll-out of DHS constituted the most important govt reorganization because the Cold Battle[8] and also the most large reorganization of federal organizations because the Federal Stability Respond of 1947 (that had located the numerous army divisions under a assistant of shield and come up with Countrywide Stability Council and Main Learning ability Agency). DHS comprises the most varied merging of national characteristics and commitments, incorporating 22 government agencies into a one business.[9] The founding in the DHS marked a change in American thought towards dangers. Adding the expression “homeland” facilities attention over a populace which needs to be guarded not just against emergency situations such as disasters and also against diffuse hazards from those that are non-native to america.[10]

Before the putting your signature on of your monthly bill, dispute about its adoption was dedicated to if the Government Bureau of Investigation as well as the Main Knowledge Firm should be included partly or even in whole (neither were incorporated). The bill was debatable for the presence of unrelated “riders”, as well as for getting rid of particular union-warm and friendly civil services and labor protections for department employees. Without these protections, staff could possibly be expeditiously reassigned or ignored on reasons of stability, incompetence or insubordination, and DHS would not be required to notify their union associates. The master plan stripped 180,000 federal government workers of their union privileges.[11] In 2002, Bush officials suggested the September 11 assaults made the recommended removal of worker protections vital.[12]

A U.S. Customs and Edge Defense police officer handles V . P . Dick Cheney (center) Saxby Chambliss (middle proper), a U.S. Senator from Georgia and Michael Chertoff (far appropriate) in 2005 Congress ultimately passed the Homeland Security Act of 2002, and Leader Bush approved the expenses into rules on November 25, 2002. It was the biggest U.S. government reorganization from the fifty years since the usa Department of Defense was made.

Tom Ridge was named assistant on January 24, 2003, and started naming his chief deputies. DHS officially began surgical procedures on January 24, 2003, but the majority of the department’s part companies have been not transferred to the new division until March 1.[5]

Director George W. Bush signs the Homeland Protection Appropriations Take action of 2004 on October 1, 2003. After developing the fundamental composition of DHS and attempting to integrate its factors, Ridge released his resignation on November 30, 2004, following the re-election of President Bush. Bush initially nominated past The Big Apple Police Section commissioner Bernard Kerik as his successor, but on December 10, Kerik withdrew his nomination, citing individual factors and declaring it “would not be from the best interests” of the country for him to focus on the post.

Changes under Assistant Chertoff On January 11, 2005, Chief executive Bush nominated federal evaluate Michael Chertoff to succeed Ridge. Chertoff was confirmed on February 15, 2005, with a vote of 98–0 within the U.S. Senate and was sworn in the same day.[5]

In February 2005, DHS and the Office of Employees Control issued regulations relating to staff pay out and discipline for the new staff program called MaxHR. The Washington Publish said that the guidelines would allow DHS “to override any supply inside a union commitment by issuing a department-vast directive” and makes it “tough, or even extremely hard, for unions to negotiate over preparations for staffing, deployments, technologies and also other work environment is important”.[12] In August 2005, U.S. Region Judge Rosemary M. Collyer blocked the plan on the grounds that it did not ensure collective-bargaining rights for DHS employees.[12] A federal appeals court ruled against DHS in 2006; pending a final resolution to the litigation, Congress’s fiscal year 2008 appropriations bill for DHS provided no funding for the proposed new personnel system.[12] DHS announced in early 2007 that it was retooling its pay and performance system and retiring the name “MaxHR”.[5] In a February 2008 court filing, DHS said that it would no longer pursue the new rules, and that it would abide by the existing civil service labor-management procedures. Collyer blocked the method in the motives it did not guarantee class-dealing lawful legal rights for DHS staff members.[12] A united states government is of interest courtroom ruled against DHS in 2006 pending one final answer on the lawsuits, Congress’s economic work schedule year 2008 appropriations fees for DHS introduced no cash for your advised new staff process.[12] DHS introduced at the begining of 2007 which it was retooling its fork out and performance program and retiring the tag “MaxHR”.[5] Inside a February 2008 determine finalizing, DHS talked about that it can forget about go after the most recent regulations, which it might adhere to the current civil providers energy-manage remedies.

Adjustments under Director Trump On November 16, 2018, Chief executive Donald Trump approved the Cybersecurity and System Protection Agency Work of 2018 into regulation, which elevated the objective from the former DHS National Defense and Applications Directorate and founded the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Stability Organization.[13] In economic 12 months 2018, DHS was allocated a web discretionary budget of $47.716 billion dollars.[2]


You.S. CBP Office of Area Functions broker checking the credibility of a journey file in an international airport using a stereo microscope Whilst the Office of Protection is involved in military services activities abroad, the Section of Homeland Protection works within the civilian sphere to protect the usa inside, at, and outside its edges. Its reported aim is usually to prepare for, stop, and answer household urgent matters, specifically terrorism.[14] On Mar 1, 2003, DHS soaked up the You.S. Customs Services and Immigration and Naturalization Support (INS) and thought its tasks. By doing this, it split the enforcement and providers capabilities into two individual and new organizations: Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Citizenship and Immigration Providers. The investigative divisions and intellect gathering devices in the INS and Customs Support had been joined forming Homeland Stability Research, the key investigative left arm of DHS. In addition, the edge enforcement characteristics in the INS, such as the You.S. Border Patrol, the U.S. Customs Support, as well as the Dog and Grow Well being Evaluation Support were consolidated in to a new organization under DHS: U.S. Customs and Boundary Protection. The Government Safety Assistance drops within the Federal Safety and Plans Directorate. In The Year 2011, the Department of Homeland Protection eliminated the previous Homeland Security Advisory Program, exchanging it by using a two-level Countrywide Terrorism Advisory Process. The system has two types of advisories: alerts and bulletins. NTAS bulletins allow the secretary to communicate essential terrorism info that, without necessarily indicative of a particular danger against the usa, can get to homeland safety partners or the general public rapidly, and thus allowing recipients to put into action needed protective actions. Notifications are given if you find distinct and reliable info of the terrorist danger against america. Warnings have two levels: heightened and impending. An increased inform is issued if you have reliable details about an strike but only general specifics of timing or even a objective. An Imminent Warn is issued once the risk is quite particular and approaching within the very near term.

The Homeland Stability Advisory System level On Mar 12, 2002, the Homeland Stability Advisory System, a color-coded terrorism chance advisory range, was created due to a Presidential Directive to supply a “extensive and powerful ways to disseminate specifics of the potential risk of terrorist acts to Federal, Status, and local authorities and also to the American individuals”. Many procedures at authorities facilities are tied in to the inform level such as a service may research all coming into vehicles when the warn is above a specific stage. Since January 2003, this has been given in co-ordination with DHS it has been the prospective of regular cracks and ridicule by the administration’s detractors about its ineffectiveness. After resigning, Tom Ridge reported he failed to always go along with the risk level alterations moved by other government departments.[25]

In January 2003, your office[clarification required] was merged in to the Department of Homeland Security as well as the White-colored House Homeland Protection Council, each of which are intended through the Homeland Security Work of 2002. The Homeland Stability Local authority or council, very similar by nature for the Countrywide Safety Authorities, retains an insurance policy co-ordination and advisory role and is brought through the Associate for the President for Homeland Security.