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Integrating Theory and Application

Integrating Theory and Application and then answer the following questions.

1. What are the primary effects of a high carbohydrate diet? (200 words)
2. Explain how protein supplementation can improve athletic performance. (250 words)
3. Explain the reasons why carbohydrate intake before and after competition makes a difference in performance. (250 words)
4. Why do many sport drinks contain more than one type of carbohydrate? (250 words)
5. What causes hyponatremia and what are its immediate side effects? (200 words)
6. How is an individualized hydration plan developed? (250 words)
7. Explain how altitude stress affects athletic performance. (200 words)
8. In which ways does the body lose and gain heat? (200 words)
9. What is the relationship between body composition and fitness level, and how does fitness affect sweating? (200 words)
10. What is hypothermia and at what point does it affect athletic performance? (200 words)