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Integrated marketing communications

Integrated marketing communications

Based on research conducted via the Internet, identify a brand which is struggling in the marketplace. In this project, you will assume the role of the brand manager who has been hired reposition the brand in the marketplace and increase sales through an integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan.

Complete the following activities:

Describe the brand you selected. Why is the brand struggling and how will you revitalize the brand?
Conduct a market segmentation analysis. Who is your target market and why? Be sure to consider the four sets of consumer characteristics which influence what people consume and how they respond to marketing communications.
Determine how your brand is positioned in the marketplace. Who are your competitors? What benefits and attributes are associated with the brand?
Determine the objective of your advertising campaign and provide justification.
Create your marcom budget. Determine if you will utilize the percentage of sales method, the task method, or the competitive method.
Create the advertising message for your campaign. How will you create effective advertising and get the message to stick in the minds of your target audience? What message strategy will you use?
Outline how you will measure the effectiveness of your advertising message.
5-6 page paper written in APA format. Use peer reviewed articles to justify your answers. Include a minimum of three peer reviewed articles for your paper

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