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Integrated Business Functions

Mr. Tong worked as a handyman in a famous traditional Chinese medicine museum (中喍棐) in
Guangdong when he was 10 years old. At the age of 14, he started his mentorship and began to
study Chinese medicine. He moved to Hong Kong after the Second World War. In 1950, he opened
Dong Wing Tong (東榮堂), a traditional Chinese medical clinic, in Sheung Wan. Dong Wing Tong
offered Chinese medicine services and sold Chinese herbal tea. Over 70 years, Dong Wing Tong
has been regarded as a caring business, offering good services and products at a reasonable price to
low income families. Today, Dong Wing Tong remains an iconic Chinese medicine museum in
Hong Kong. Jason Tong, the WhiUd geneUaWiRn Rf Whe TRng¶V famil, inherited Dong Wing Tong in
Jason left Hong Kong when he was 10 and studied in UK. He had a bachelRU¶V degUee in finance
and an MBA degree. After he returned to Hong Kong, he had worked in an international bank as a
financial analyst for three years. In 2018, his father had decided to retire and asked Jason to take
over Dong Wing Tong. Jason, who lacked knowledge about Chinese medicine, inhered Dong Wing
Tong. During the interview with a local media, Jason expressed the challenges he has been facing:
– Dong Wing Tung has adopted the same business strategy since its founding, i.e. low-cost
service and products to lower income families.
– The founder Mr. Tong has cultivated a trusting culture in Dong Wing Tong. Procurement and
sales are in the hands of the employees who have worked there for over 40 years. Jason has
called WhRVe emSlReeV ³uncleV´ RU ³aXnWieV´
– The accounting books are not organized (e.g., hand-written records that are loosely blinded,
missing invoices and receipts). No auditing has ever been done.
– There have been many changes in Sheung Wan in the past ten years. French expatriate
population has been increasing. The district now becomes a culturally diverse area with people
coming from different parts of the world. Boutique shops, fancy café, bars and restaurants are
found in the Soho area.
– The average age of store employees is 67.
– Salary and benefits of store employees are determined by seniority.
Based on the information provided above, your group will prepare a written report containing
your answers to the following questions and according to the instructions given in this assignment.
Assignment 1a Questions (40%)
1. Identify and discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Dong Wing Tong.
You are suggested to do more research about the district and the business. (20%) [Word limit:
400 ± 500 words]
2. Choose two of the concerns raised by Jason. Discuss their implications on the management and
development of Dong Wing Tong? (20%) [Word limit: 400 ± 500 words]
Assignment 1b Questions (60%)