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“Inside and Outside China Town”: Article Summary

According to Marcus and Chen, the Chinese elites were exempt in California following the implementation of the Exclusion Act of 1882. The article specifically discusses individuals in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The authors communicate that the Exclusion Act exempted the elites who had become significant professionals in society. Most studies undertaken on Chinese American history have focused on issues of racial discrimination and inequality witnessed by the Chinese laborers. The authors of the article argue that professionals such as doctors had a different experience from the working Chinese. In fact, herbalists played a major role in offering medical services in situation where American healthcare was either inaccessible or costly. The demand for their assistance was high among the Chinese as well as Americans (Calavita 28). Today, the Chinese and Asians as a whole are becoming significant actors in the American economy (Bartnik 25). The studies done in the context of the experience of the elites did not just focus on enhancing an understanding of Chinese American history but also influenced some policy changes that led to the Chinese receiving better treatment in America.

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