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Knowing and understanding young children’s characteristics and needs •&vpmr;&vpoir; Meets standard (6.1 / 7) -84cm;&v8o-rr; Observations of the target child in the video are for the most part informative and supported by referenced developmental milestones. This section could be strengthened by providing fuller descriptions of developmental milestones and observations of the target child.

Describing developmental theories -84cm; Meets standard (5.2 /6) -8Lvilo-rr; Generally a good job of

Describing Piaget’s theory and explaining how it provides insight into the development of the target child.

Providing a better discussion of what “assimilate” and “accommodation” mean in Piaget’s theory.

Knowing and understanding the multiple influences on development and learning,describe the influence of family and socioeconomic status on the learning and development of the target child.

Provide full reference information for each source.

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