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Industrial Revolution/Enlightenment


1. What is the Age of Reason? How did European culture influence the world? Examine the extent of its impact.

2. What ideas inspired social changes in the 18th century? Pay special attention to free trade popular sovereignty, the social contract, and republican government. Who was included and who was excluded from revolutionary measures?

3. Evaluate how the industrial revolution altered the societies that began to industrialize during this time. What impact did this process have on the environment? How were gender roles and family relationships altered? What key features contributed to the rise of the Industrial Revolution?

4. Describe the Opium Wars. How did the Opium War change relations between China and the western powers?


The essay writing assignment is to develop a three (3) page (Times Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced) analyses of the question above. Reference pages are not included in overall page length.

There are no right or wrong answers, rather I will be looking for how well you support your argument. The material for the paper should come from the assigned readings and class discussions. Outside research is not necessary.

For writing a successful paper, please refer to the following outline:

Introduction – This section is where you will lay out for the reader your question or questions you intend to address, present your thesis statement (recommended answer to the question or solution to the problem), and communicate the main points you will be presenting in the body of the paper.
Body of the Paper – This section should be a well-organized argument (analysis) based on facts and logic. The section should clearly follow the outline you constructed in your first paragraph.
Conclusion – This section should simply summarize the question at issue, thesis statement and main points. I should have a clear sense of the logic of your paper.

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