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Industrial relations

Answer the following questions. Each answer should be a page long. Use 2-3 sources per question. I will also upload the class slides in order for you get the theory required.

chapter 7
1.Take any unionized industry in Canada and analyze the pressures on the three parties to collective bargaining: management, union, and employees.

Chapter 8
2. The demographics of the Canadian labour force are changing. For example, we see increased ethnic and visible diversity; increased focus on attracting youth given the aging workforce; and the ability of employees to remain at beyond the typical retirement age of 65. Given these demographic changes do you feel we will see changes in the types of clauses contained in collective agreements or even in their format. Explain.

chapter 11
3. Many students work while in school and typically they work in nonunion jobs. If you move to a unionzed workplace upon graduation, what do you expect will be the biggest challenges you will see in terms of HRM practices.

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