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Individual Research Project

Write a Survey Paper
(Individual Research Project)
 Topics: Select a topic related to:

  1. Wireless Networks
  2. Clouding Computing or Distributed Computing, such as:
    a. Hadoop
    b. OpenStack
  3. Internet of Things
     Submit your survey paper (6~10 pages).
     Submission: Assignment Folder named “SurveyPaper” on D2L
     What to submit:
    o Format: IEEE transaction paper format or you can use a latex format for IEEE transaction paper
    Grading Criteria: Your final paper and the presentation must include all of the following sections:
    I. Introduction
    Justification on your topic
    You need to justify or explain why your topic is interesting to be
    Background knowledge.
    You need to explain background knowledge of your research topic to
    help a reader understand your proposal. This section must explain the
    following background knowledge, under the assumption that the reader is a junior or senior who took ITEC350 and/or ITEC451:
     the domain of your problem (ex) wireless sensor network,
    grid computing networks, mobile agents, and so on.
     the theory of your approach (see section IV below)
    II. Approach to Explain the Topic
    III. Existing Research Issues on the Topics
    You need to summarize existing research results by other researchers on the similar topics. This section must (1) briefly explain their idea; and (2) address disadvantages or weakness of their idea which your solution will tackle.
    IV. Possible Future Research Issues on the Topic
    V. Concluding Remarks

Contemporary Health

Grades for each assignment will be taken out of 10 points with 7 points allotted to the information you present in your assignment and 3 points allotted to how clearly you are able to share your thoughts.
Students must turn in the assignments by the deadline given in the syllabus. Any and all grade disputes must be submitted via email no later than one week after it has been entered into Compass.
This rubric can be applied to all assignments during the course and any questions regarding grades for assignments should be directed to the TA who grades your section. Questions regarding anything other
than the assignments should be directed towards the instructor of the course.

Rating Scale 7 6-5 4-3 2-1 0

Accuracy and thought put into assignment
Work demonstrates thorough knowledge of the topic and reading, is clearly described in detail and all parts of the assignment are sufficiently addressed
Student demonstrates an acceptable understanding of the topic and
readings, and addresses all parts of the assignment but may be lacking some minor points relating to the topic
Student demonstrates a partial understanding of the topic and readings,
doesn’t fully address each part of the assignment, or is lacking major
points relating to the topic
Student demonstrates little to no understanding of the topicsand readings
and doesn’t address all parts of the assignment
Did not complete the assignment sufficiently or is impossible to understand
Rating Scale 3 2 1 0
Presentation of the information
Little to no errors or mistakes and clear, thought out responses
Few errors or mistakes and can understand the overall meaning of the work
Many editing mistakes and is difficult to understand
Impossible to understand or did not complete the assignment.

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