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Individual Marketing Scenario

You are the International Marketing Manager for a real Canadian company (not

an American company operating in Canada, but a company founded and based in


b. You are not allowed to choose BlackBerry as your chosen company. In addition,

be innovative when choosing a brand for global expansion.

c. You must describe the types of products or services the company sells and give a

brief background on the company.

d. Assume that the company is interested in broadening its opportunities in a foreign

country. You must make a decision as to what country to expand into and outline why

you chose that country based on the concepts learned in class.

e. You must choose what strategies to utilize for that expansion and how you will

generate increased revenue, and you must outline WHY you chose those strategies,

based on the concepts learned in class and in the textbook

f. Remember you should also discuss how these strategies affect your marketing mix

(“the 4 P’s). What do you recommend in terms of product, price, promotion and place


g. It is highly recommended that you utilize at least 5 concepts from the course and

textbook to explain and justify the strategies you recommend for that expansion.

h. Some concepts to consider (but not limited to): economic conditions,

regional market characteristics, cultural environments, trade regulations,

market segmentation, positioning, etc.