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Individual Enterprise Portfolio

Individual Enterprise Portfolio


Detailed Brief for Individual ssessment
Assignment Title: Individual Enterprise Portfolio

Description of the assignment:

PART 1 (20 marks)

In a maximum of 500 words answer the following question:

Are you enterprising?

This question is designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of being ‘enterprising’.

The question is an ‘open’ question to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the term and for

you to highlight relevant knowledge, skills and examples.

First person narrative can be used.

Students will be assessed using the following mark scheme:

Mark scheme for Part 1:

Presentation, structure, grammar, Harvard Referencing and tone of voice 20
Understanding of question and subject matter including evidence of research/reading 30
Line of argument (analysis, reasoning and justification) and use of supporting evidence and/or examples 50
Total 100


PART 2 (30 marks)

The Scenario

The University of Hertfordshire has decided to expand its portfolio of commercial activity and is looking

to launch a new business venture by the end of 2020. The University has asked for your help and has set

you the following tasks.

This part allows you to demonstrate several enterprise skills including creativity and your ability to succinctly

describe a business opportunity and create a persuasive business case.

On a maximum of one side of A4: Capture a brainstorm of possible business ideas that you think the University

of Hertfordshire should consider.

Following on from your brainstorm, and having evaluated possible business ideas, please select ONE.

This should be the business idea that you recommend the University should further explore. In a maximum

of 500 words outline your business idea and justify why you think this would be a good business for the

University of Hertfordshire. You are advised to draw on secondary market research to support your case

(all sources of secondary research should be fully referenced).

To note:

The proposed new venture can involve a product or a service.

The new venture will be ‘for profit’ therefore something which customers are willing to pay for.

Social enterprises are not suitable for this task as the purpose of the new venture is to make a profit.

Primary market research is not permitted without prior ethics approval and therefore should not be used in

this assignment.

 Mark scheme for Part 2:

Presentation, structure, grammar, and Harvard Referencing 10
Quality of brainstorm (including visual presentation and usage of space, viability of ideasrange of ideas and clarity of ideas) 20
Clarity of selected business idea and its key features 30
Analysis, reasoning and justification for proposed idea including use of supporting research 40
Total 100