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incidents of negligence

incidents of negligence

Select ONE of the incidents of negligence in the links below
Facts summary
O’Neill v Montefiore Hospital
Schauer v. Memorial Care System
Celestine v. United States

Summarize and analyze the case by providing: 1) a detailed summary of the incident leading to the lawsuit, 2) the names and roles of the parties, and 3) identify the type of negligence involved, 4) describe how each of the elements of negligence was demonstrated; 5) report the outcome of the case; and 6) discuss the relevance of the issues raised to your professional practice. Organize your discusison paper using the outline below.

Your analysis must be organized by using each of the following as headings / subheadings.
I. Case Summary
• II. Elements of Negligence
• a) Duty to Care
• b) Breach of Duty
• c) Injury
• d) Causation
• III. Case Outcome
IV. Relevance to Professional Practice
• V. References (complete and in APA format)

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