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Improvement Plan for a Group

Develop a paper of approximately 1,125 words that includes an analysis and improvement plan for a group that you are a part of or that you have observed on a regular basis. To develop your final paper, you may use portions of papers you wrote throughout the course about specific aspects of the group. Your paper should include the following elements:
A complete analysis of the group’s communication, diversity, power structure, decision making, and progress/stage, including areas where improvements are needed
Examples and evidence that support and illustrate your analysis on each topic
An evaluation of how the team can work together more effectively using at least three of the following topics discussed in class:
Using experiential or cooperative learning more effectively
Changing the way decisions are made in the group
Adjusting the leadership style of the group leader or leaders to better fit the personality of the team
Improving communication within the group, such as by identifying improvements in the messages delivered as well as in the communication style and format
Managing conflicts and controversy through collaborative problem-solving
Establishing greater trust and interdependence to enable team members to work together toward a common goal
A specific plan for implementing the improvements in each of the areas identified

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