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Important Topics/Terms or “know how”

Important Topics/Terms or “know how”
• Strategy map
• Value chain
• Balanced/HR Scorecard
• Scientific method
• Leading/lagging performance indicators
• Threats to internal validity
• Types of research designs
• IV,DV, predictor, outcome
• Mediator, moderator
• Causality
• Correlation
• Independent t-test
• Dependent t-test
• Chi-square
• Z score
• Outlier
• Histogram
• PP plot
• Box plot
• Scatterplot
• Bar chart
• Means table
• Cross tab table


1. Describe the complete process through which an HR manager might develop and validate a set of HR metrics and link them to his/herorganizational strategy.

2. What are the main obstacles towards developing a metrics and analytics driven approach to HR in most companies? How can these be overcome?

3. First, give me an example of a null and alternative hypothesis for the following question: Is there a relationship between the number of MSHR classes taken and entry-level salary? Second, tell me how you would test your hypothesis using a) a correlational design and b) a quasi-experimental design, including how you would measure your constructs of interest. Third, give an example of a possible mediator OR moderator variable you could test with an additional hypothesis. Tell me whyyour variable is a mediator (moderator) rather than a moderator (mediator).

4. What is required to demonstrate causality and internal as well as external validity in organizational research? Describe one study design you could use to convince your CEO that employee attitudes are causally related to customer servicescores (i.e. employee job satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction)?

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