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Implementing the SAP

Implementing the SAP
For this part of your Project, you will prepare an Implementation Plan for a fiction SAP.
The implementation plan should show how you will roll out a program and identify additional considerations for effectively executing a SAP.
Begin by creating a “security awareness matrix.” This matrix includes a row for each of the security training materials listed:
Power Point Presentation
E-Mail Advisory
For each of these materials, include the following columns to complete your matrix:
• The target audience for the training material
• The role of the person to deliver the material
• The delivery method of the material (on-site, e-mail, web-based, etc.)
• The frequency of the material delivery
• Any additional data you feel is necessary to execute the program successfully
In addition to your matrix, create a 2- to 3-page paper, in APA format, that includes the following:
• A summary of the communication model chosen decentralized that includes personnel responsible for delivering each message
• A detailed explanation of how the training will be rolled out and how you will ensure that all personnel understand their roles and responsibilities
• A description of techniques used to disseminate the security awareness messages throughout the organization

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