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Implement & Monitor Marketing Activities

Explain what it mean by marketing strategies.

Explain the factors which a medical practice would consider in order to frame relevant marketing strategies.

Create a sample marketing plan a medical practice outlining the main aspects of a plan.

Identify their objectives, performance measures, role played and responsibility towards that success.

Explain what ‘monitoring’ means to an organisation.

Explain how an organisation would implement monitoring strategies for ensuring successful achievement of its marketing plan.

Explain how an organisation analyses marketing performance against its marketing plan.

Describe how you would monitor the elements of the marketing mixed activities for a medical practice.

Explain how a medical practice would assess its marketing performance against its marketing objectives.

Explain how a medical practice will use SWOT analysis to review and evaluate its performance.

Explain the communication used between a practice and relevant stakeholders when changes to marketing objectives.

Provide appropriate marketing solutions for new ventures.

Develop SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and time frame) marketing objectives for Sydney Multi-Speciality Medical Centre.

Identify and describe primary stakeholder and secondary stakeholder, and their inter-relationships of Sydney Multi-Speciality Medical Centre

How would you engage key stakeholders to achieve the SMART marketing objectives?

Identify and describe ethical OR legal issue in each of the following marketing areas that Sydney Multi-Speciality Medical Centre should pay attention to. Relate your discussion to the marketing and consumer laws: • Marketing research • Pricing • Place (Distribution) • Advertising • Sales promotion. Please ensure you outline the name of relevant legislation marketers will abide by. Question 4 Identify and recommend two sales forecasting techniques that could be used by Sydney Multi-Speciality Medical Centre. Justify your recommendation. Question

Describe how you would effectively implement marketing activities for the services of Sydney Multi-Speciality Medical Centre.

Outline the specific actions required to be implemented (what, how, by who, by when) related to the marketing mix activities.

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