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Impact of Secondary to College Transitions on Students Well-being

Introduction and School Context (200-400 words)

A brief introduction to explain the aims of your research, outline the school context and signpost the overall structure of the document.

Literature Review, including Government Policy Analysis (2000-2200 words)

A discussion of the relevant literature which relates to your chosen title. Ensure you cite sources in the appropriate positions. You may wish to use some short quotations, and demonstrate your understanding by commenting on and contrasting different positions.

Ethics (100 words)

A short paragraph on how ethical considerations were addressed

Data Collection (500-800 words)

Outline which methods were chosen and why? Any issues/limitations associated with each method. Reference the arguments for and against the way data has been collected.

Findings, Analysis and Discussion (2500 words)

This section forms the heart of your SER. The discussion of your findings needs to link back to your literature review. As a general rule, each point you make should contain a reference back to the literature with a comment as to whether the findings support /match/are in line with the research. See the S3P Handbook for detailed guidance. Always refer back to the literature and reference your reading. The findings come as a result of your understanding from the literature, demonstrate this understanding at all times.

Conclusion (700-1000 words)

Draw appropriate conclusions, pulling together key points made in your analysis and discussion. Comment about limitations of the research and make suggestions for what can be done. Consistently refer back to the research literature, referencing key ideas from the research.


List of references used. Follow King’s ‘Harvard V1’ protocol in your text and in the reference list.


Appendices (examples of what might be included – you will not use all of these!)

  • School X policy relating to your topic (anonymous)
  • Interview or Focus Group questions
  • Lesson Observation framework
  • Relevant school documents or data (anonymous)
  • Summary table of your participants &/or findings (anonymous)
  • Extracts from Transcripts
  • Extracts from Observation schedules/Field Notes


All references to the teachers/ pupils / school / school location should use pseudonyms & be anonymous

Word count of 6000 words: