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Impact of IT on the Society

Impact of IT on the Society

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Read the following introduction and answer the questions. Then reply to one of your classmates’ answers with value-added replies (e.g., not just “I agree”):

Hi all, my name is Cameron Claiborne and this week I will be leading the discussion on the impact of IT on society. In Carlos Brewer’s blog post linked above, he talks about the positive impacts IT has had on society. His main area of focus is the technological donations given to many non-profits and individuals all around the world. He talks about the donation of technology labs from highly recognized universities to their counterparts in the “third world” countries, and how these donations allow students from these universities to have access to state-of-the-art technologies since their cost remains out of their sight. He considers these technological donations extremely important as per his blog post “they affect the educational background of those potential engineers, scientists, doctors and teachers, who at the very end will change the life conditions of surrounding society.” His thinking is that trained engineers with state-of-the-art knowledge will be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently, and ultimately be able to solve common problems in their societies by their own without having to wait for external help or additional donations. Give the linked blog post above a read and then please answer my initial set of discussion questions to get the discussion started.


1. Do you think IT has had a positive or negative impact on society? What do you think is the most important thing IT has brought to society, besides technological donations?

2. What do you think society can do to keep IT having a positive impact on society, and not fall in the negative direction?

3. Do you agree with Carlos Brewer when he says that “To really use all the power and benefits of technological donations, they must be addressed with a previous evaluation of needs and potential uses, do not forget that a solar oven can be used as a political weapon against poor people.”

4. Do you think we need to be careful with what technology we give certain countries/people, even if it is initially intended for a good use?   

Technological innovation affects the way in which folks connect, discover, and feel. It will help culture and establishes how men and women socialize with each other on a regular basis. Technology plays an important role in society today. It provides positive and negative effects about the entire world plus it impacts daily lives. We live in an era where technical advances are typical. The web and cell phones are a few illustrations. However, with engineering advancements, there is a disadvantage in it all.

One facet of technologies that has experienced a fantastic affect on culture is when it influences discovering. It’s produced discovering more enjoyable and collaborative, this assists individuals far better participate together with the materials that they are discovering and also have problems with. Also, it receives you best usage of assets. With the roll-out of the web, it provides entry to information and facts in a twenty-four-hour or so price and you will have usage of just about anything online. In addition, it allows students to get work done easier. Students may take quizzes and examinations easier, and educators having the ability to keep online lessons can be very effective. Additionally, it enlarges the borders of the class room, motivating self-paced learning. Individuals can accessibility studying through YouTube and social websites. This helps individuals find out better than sitting yourself down for lectures and reading through from books. These engineering breakthroughs produced understanding more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Yet another way technology has influenced modern society is thru interaction, how you talk and communicate with one other globally. Technology brought many new methods of electronic communication. For instance, you can find emails, social network, you may facetime a person who lifestyles on the other side around the world, and here’s video conferencing where you could have conventions digitally. Lastly, the technological breakthroughs that had been made in the well being business have assisted always keep individuals safe and healthful. There are numerous innovate apps on telephones that although people to watch how much they weigh, the number of calories they consumption, heart rate along with other well being components at any time throughout the day. There’s increased accessibility of therapy readily available, there’s the alteration in health care that brings positive aspects for your aged, and private hospitals employing innovative technological innovation inside their medical bedrooms.

Nonetheless, research has revealed that mobile phone connection impacts people a poor way in terms of becoming sociable and creating face-to-experience speak to. Mobile phone technology can lessen connection and relations between people. There’s significantly less personal time, the place you discover that you don’t plenty of time for yourself because you’re always in contact with an individual. Also, it could be annoying through your schoolwork. Additionally there is loss in security, since anybody can discover you just about anywhere, anytime through the day. In conclusion, all of these things impact how humans act today. Without technological breakthroughs, our way of life would stop being as intricate. Engineering influences form just how people respond nowadays.

Historical past has seen that mankind experienced several revolutions. The latest one is the revolution of information and communication technology. This innovation induced a rupture between exactly what is aged what is regarded new today is quickly changed into an old and outdated craze down the road. Because of these evolutions, the interest in this technologies have improved. For that reason, the second has become the most essential utilized useful resource in comparison to conventional solutions, which contains triggered the amplification of great interest in new info and connection technologies by both firms and folks.

At the moment, the globe is witnessing a rapid evolution procedure in the need for info amenities in terms of quantity, good quality and use of information and facts, so as to make the best decision based on the various changes and dynamics of your businesses surroundings. This shows clearly the increasing incredible importance of information and facts methods along with their ability to meet the needs of enterprises details. This emphasizes the importance to develop these methods as well as increase their performance and effectiveness. One of the key elements of the success of these systems is that they have become dependent on sophisticated technology that have greatly facilitated access to information and clearly reduced access costs.

The telecommunications field has undergone a definitive transformation in a simple time on account of the scientific advancements that underpin it. It is the infrastructure of what is known today since the information economic system which depends upon the data and its particular delivery service techniques within the least amount of time as well as at the cheapest fees achievable. Because of the huge development seen through this field as well as the level it provides contributed in all of the sectors, specifically considering the usage of satellite, cellular phone and the World wide web, this has put the organizations in front of a whole new obstacle which is the acquisition of data and conversation technologies.

No person can hesitation that information technology can be a fundamental and revolutionary revolution that has handled man existence considerably during the last century. In fact, faraway from as an effervescent trend, or possibly a moving pattern, information and facts and connection technologies have just been exploited in all areas of life. No site has remained safe from this policy, which facilitates duties for the organization and also the staff members.