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The seminar paper should be based on the attached article Gonzalez-Ortega.

I did not request or pay to get sources link because the lecturer want use to use just the article but other sources can be used if the source is addressing same problem as the article. I guess is better to stick with the article and the sources that the article use.

Please could you write down any important information that i might need to know for my presentation. in the side note you can maybe explain the economics formulas and methodology use in the paper that is important to know

Also keep in mind that after the presentation, the lecturer might add or remove some information before submitting the final report. so after the first draft, they may be some changes.

According to the lecturer, for this paper understanding the methodology and terminology is very important.

This report wroth 100% of this subject grading, therefore, i really need it to be very good.

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