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Identifying Emotions

Identifying emotions is an important core skill for counseling professionals. Being able to recognize the emotions expressed by clients is fundamental to your development as a counselor, and one helpful method to tap into this skill is by identifying emotions within yourself. As you learn what evokes certain emotions within you, you will be able to apply this skill and recognize emotions expressed (consciously or subconsciously) by clients. Additionally, practicing the skill of identifying feelings will increase your feeling vocabulary as well as your comfort with feeling identification, which is critical for effective rapport-building and empathy in counseling.
For this Discussion, you will develop skills in recognizing emotions by identifying emotions in songs. You will select four songs from a list, and describe the emotions evoked within the tone and lyrics of the song. This discussion will not allow you to see your peers’ posts until you have posted your main post. See if you can identify more feelings than your colleagues!

• Songs for your Discussion post.
o Got to Be Real – Cheryl Lynn
o Old Friend – Phyllis Hyman
o Hallelujah – John Cale
o We Are the Champions – Queen

• Based on the four songs you selected, consider the emotions that are expressed or evoked either in the words or in the music of the songs.


For each of the four songs you selected, including the following:
• What emotions are expressed either in the words or in the tone?
• How did you feel listening to the songs and completing this activity (e.g., was it challenging to identify emotions or label them?)