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Paper instructions:
(a) Executive Summary ( 1 page)
(b) Problem Description (2 page)

Use the questions where found in the text of the case as guidance for your report, which should kindly be presented in double-spaced text, and size 12 Times New Roman font. Assessment of responses will be based on (1) key entrepreneurship terms used in problem description and analysis and (2) appropriate decisions and recommendations. Please be careful to avoid unacceptable mistakes of plagiarism, grammar and spelling.

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Euthanasia and assisted suicide should not be legal

5 pages, mla, with at least 3 “library” references (can be online), work cited page.
Introduction- explains euthanasia and assisted suicide, has a thesis statement.
second paragraph- talk about the misuse of euthanasia and how it’s used unethically.
third paragraph- counter argument. talk about how euthanasia is a cheaper alternative to other medical care, still shouldn’t be legalized though.
fourth para.- talk about how palliative care is a “a better solution”.
and then just a conclusion
Additional comments from Customer:

Assessing Green Building Performance

The study presents an overview of the building performance by comparing the industry baselines against the GSA. It was established that the data gathered portrayed the weaknesses and strengths of the buildings. Even though multiple years data was not examined particularly for all the years, it was possible to investigate building operations to identify those that need to be changed. The article offers tools for investigating the association between designs and building performance.
MacArthur, J., Kobel, N., Dill, J., & Mumuni, Z. (2017). Evaluation of an Electric Bike Pilot Project at Three Employment Campuses in Portland, Oregon.
The article examined an electric bike project that was carried out in Portland. The research found out that the participants often biked to various places. It was concluded that e-bikes increase the ability of people to travel to more distant locations.

Farmer’s market consumers in New Hampshire (2017)

The report obtained shopping experience information from clients. The survey was  conducted in New Hampshire. The results indicated that more than half of the customers made the same number of shopping trips. Also, there was a high number of responses regarding the limitation of products.
2017 Free-floating bike share pilot evaluation report.
The study was conducted in Seattle which has entered a state of dynamic change.
The report evaluated the use of bikes in the State due to the growth experienced in its transportation market. The report outlines the permit structure and requirements that need to be implemented.
Auyeung, D. N., Campbell, L. K., Johnson, M., Sonti, N. F., & Svendsen, E. (2016).
Reading the landscape: citywide social assessment of New York City parks and natural areas in 2013-2014. Social Assessment White Paper No. 2. New York, NY: New York
Department of Parks and Recreation. 69 p., 1-69.
The report evaluated how park visitors perceive and value the part resources. The social dimensions, as well as the value of the availability of green public spaces, were assessed. The survey offers a better comprehending of parks are valued and the best techniques to improve them to transform the environment.
Schaller Consulting. Unsustainable? The growth of app-based ride services and traffic, travel and the future of New York City.
The launch of app-based riding services was mean to reduce traffic and congestion.
However, this has increased the miles driven. The trips taken by taxis has been rising for the last three years. The explosive expansion is unsustainable based on fuel use and resulting environmental degradation.
City of Boulder. Voice and Sight Tag Program, Monitoring Report.
The Voice and sight tag program was launched in summer 2006. The program aimed at accomplishing various objectives such as increasing voice and sight control outreach to visitors. The report outlined the barriers as well as the strategies that can be used for compliance improvements.

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