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Hydroelectric power

Hydroelectric power
+ The writer needs to use SPSS/STATA/EXCEL/MATLAB/Other Specialized Software
Subject: Engineering

The expected outputs from this work are a report for each team

developed by the group as a whole, which satisfies the following


• Computer Typeset

• Free of grammatical and spelling errors

• Self-standing (does not require other documents to be understood)

• Includes a complete description of the listed items:

– 3 Required plots.

– Numerical methods used (solver, minimizer, etc)

– Derivations required to develop the solution

– Discussion of the project as a whole

• References to any additional materials supporting the

present work or consulted during the project (no minimum

number required)

• As an appendix, source code if using computer

We started to attempt writing the attempt on MATLAB but we could only get so far.

I hope you find this useful.
docx gSqbOtulaI000732.docx

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