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Humanities Essay

Choose 1 question to answer.

Be sure you are answering the question being asked. You must use—quote from– at least 3 of the assigned readings from the indicated chapters in your essay. Your essay should be clear and focused. Do not give a plot summary or biography information. Read the question carefully to be sure you are answering it thoroughly. Your essay should be at least 2 double spaced pages (just like the weekly essays)

1. Discuss the “new” science of Eugenics and it’s role in the rise of Nationalism during World War 1. How did (or did?) science influence Lenin, Darwin, Bernstein, or Nitzsche?

2. Compare/contrast the experiences of people during WW2 and people in Japan. Using Hitler, Levi, and Kuribayashi construct an essay that looks at the ways war and death impacted those author’s cultures.

3. The Cold War was as much a conflict about past and future as it was about communism and democracy. The Iron Curtain countries favored Communist rule—which is based on feudal power relations (past), while the Allies (the West) favored democracy and democratic socialism (future).  Using Churchill, Krushchev, Havel, Gorbechev, or de Beauvior (choose 3) construct an essay that compares how each side fought to maintain power and at what cost to their representative societies. Who progressed and why? Who did not progress, and why not?

4. Using Ghandi, Fanon, Hoffman, Mazower, or Roy (choose 3) explain the impact of Globalization on postcolonial cultures.

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