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Humanities and Sciences

Along with August Fresnel select one scientist from previous week and two of the following people to describe
how the four pertain, if at all, to the scope of lenses to Visons Perceptions and Minds, Galen, Veselius, Rudolf
Virchow, Frtiz Zernike, fechner gabor Antoine Leewenhoek, David Hockney, Eduard Zirm, Hammurabi, René
Just Haüy, Nicolas Steno, Pliny Elder, Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, Max Perutz, Lawrence Bragg, Peter Agre,
Jacques Dubochet, Felix Hoppe-Seyler, George Gabriel Stokes, Ernst Abbe
Also indicate which one of these scientist may most closely relate to one of the chapters in the readings and
one of the activities experienced during the course.
In summary As described in assignmnt3 for these four person who were they, where were they, what is their
relevance to this course if any from your perspective.