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Humanitarian Supply Chain problem

The assignment for this module consists of the preparation of a 4,000 word (+/- 10%)
academic report. You will select an appropriate humanitarian SC problem within your
organisation and, through the application of appropriate academic models and
theory, together with associated critical analysis develop and justify possible
Identify and analyse a suitable SC within your organization and identify at least 2
areas of the associated operation which have a significant impact on overall end
value. Having done this, and with reference to current academic thinking, tools and
techniques, produce your report which should recommend ways in which these areas
could be developed to cope with future strategic challenges. You should include
sufficient background information, supporting data and analysis to underpin your
views and to demonstrate achievement of the modular Learning Outcomes as set out
on page 6 of this Student Guide (referral to Appendix 2 of this Guide may also help
with this). You will find that the notes that you were advised to make as you
completed the earlier tasks associated at the end of the individual academic topics
will now help as you develop your final submission, so be sure to refer to these at this
stage and go back and revisit the topics as/when required.

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