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Human Trafficking- Myths and Realities

Be sure you have CAREFULLY read and watched all the links in the Week 9 Powerpoint – Lecture 9 – Global Crime – Human Trafficking and Sex Work.pptx
Then read: Human Trafficking – From a criminal justice to social justice approach Keynote Disrupting Traffick – May 2019 – Borislav Gerasimov GAATW-1.pdf
Next read: Q and A with Berkeley College Professor of Social Sciences, Heidi Hoefinger, Member of Global Research Team on Migration, Sex Work and Trafficking (Links to an external site.)
Finally, read the “Findings” and “Overall Policy Making Suggestions” sections (pages 7-9) of Hoefinger’s Policymaking Report from the SEXHUM Study (Links to an external site.) (play close attention in order to help you formulate your response below as to how to better deal with trafficking!)
If you want to see an interview on Instagram with Dr Hoefinger and Berkeley College about her research on trafficking, check out @Be Live on Instagram here: (Links to an external site.)
Then post a 350-word response that answers the following questions in ESSAY FORMAT (not numbered questions):
What is human trafficking and how has it been defined? (by who?)
According to Dr Gerasimov, what are some of the main failures of criminal justice approach to trafficking? (be specific)
According to the Gerasimov, what’s the problem with “rescue” and “rehabilitation” efforts at ending trafficking?
Summarize Hoefinger’s main findings from her research on trafficking and sex work (around the problems with current anti-trafficking efforts).
What are some suggestions that both Gerasimov and Hoefinger give as better approaches to dealing with the issue of trafficking?
What are your thoughts on the arguments made in both articles? (Do you agree or disagree with the way the Gerasimov frames trafficking and his critiques of how it has been handled? Do you agree with his and Hoefinger’s suggestions for better approaches? If not, how else do you think trafficking should be addressed?)