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Human Resources in Organisations

Task 1:  .
1. You first of a explain and define the meaning of HRM.

Analyse and evaluate the role of Human Resource Management in your chosen organisation . You have to list the role of HRM. Just to list a few; recruiting and selecting, training and development, induction succession planning,  and choose 4 of them to analyse (access) and evaluate (pros and cons) and You explain what and why the role is important. 
The importance of induction, training and staff development in the organisation you have chosen. You explain what and why the role is important.
2. the criteria the organisation uses to monitor and evaluate induction and training programmes. (This means How does the organisation know that these programs have been useful for the staff and the employee. Eg staff performance, meeting targets,staff turnover or retention, completing evaluation forms.)
3.  In addition you should describe redundancy and dismissal procedures (3.3), the procedures are in the slides that I have sent along with this email. Write is as procedures for redundancy and proceedures for dismissal(remember to talk about misconduct and gross misconduct). State where the information can be gotten from – Accas website . You can state an intext information regarding redundancy and dismissal.

explain the importance of succession planning, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages

2.Explain the principles of equal opportunities when recruiting and selecting in general. Evaluate the recruitment process of your chosen business in relation to the law in order to ensure a fair process.   
Make sure you provide academic sources of research to support your arguments, including specific examples from your chosen organisations.

Task 2:

 Produce a leaflet in a table format to advise organisations on the appropriate recruitment and selection methods. (2.3) (you may want to adopt the one below)
Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods of recruitment and selection. (2.2)
Select appropriate recruitment methods for 3 organisations. (2.3)

Recruitment and Selection MethodAdvantagesDisadvantagesAppropriateness for Organisation

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