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Human development

Someone would have to go into my canvas and do the work and replay to two other students. (choosing one option only) Here are the options for the work: Option 1 Is it Nature or Nurture? What is the Nature Vs. Nurture debate as described in your textbook? Is development mostly nuture or is it nature? Give your opinion based upon research cited in your textbook and research for yourself using the Internet or other resources and then state your opinion on this debate.

Option 2: View the documentary, “The Secret Life of Twins: Natural Similarities” which is available on page 2.7 before this discussion forum.

Prompts: What is the difference between fraternal and identical twins? Are identical twins completely identical? Why or why not according to the film? Give us your brief summary of the important aspects of this film.

Option 3: View the documentary, “Assume Nothing.” Which is also on page 2.7 of this module.

Describe the biological phenomenon of one being an intersex individual versus a transexual individual?

What new information did you receive from watching this film? What impressed you most about this film? Do you believe that sex assignment should be given after the birth of a child or later such as in adolescence when the child is born with ambiguous genitalia? What is your personal reaction to the struggles of intersex individuals?