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HP and TOPSIS Technique Performances

About the Paper

This paper is paper that leverages Scoring model with AHP and TOPSIS Technique performance improved prioritization policy based on K1 and K2 tanks. The purpose of this study is to improve performance, many elements of the series K1 and K2 tanks, but already the case studies, there is no case studies to determine the priorities for improving the performance of advanced components. Scoring model, and AHP is by applying to the mix TOPSIS techniques derive a quantitative priority, and used as a reference material (final) decisions of the decision makers and friction.

The Quantitative Decision Making Process

First, any quantitative decision making by experts and decision-makers or no evidence of priority is not to exclude the subjective judgment of the people. In particular, in the case of weapons, such as tanks is a very complex system, it is because not easy to derive the priorities of performance improvement and understanding related to the tram parties (ie developers, acquired administrators and users (consuming group)) differ, all opinions can. A special methodology in situations where their opinions can vary all worth prioritizing performance improvement components do not have a current case study. The selection of priorities by all stakeholders involved so far are related to weapon systems through expert meetings and the final decision, and there is no clear evidence for decision-making. But first through a meeting of experts ranking the priority one ranking methodology, there is no visual or quantitative indicators.

The Main Aim of the Study

To this study, in order to derive an already researched K1 series and K2 priority of the Chariot performance improvement factors quantitatively, has already produced a survey of verifying this assumption Scoring model and TOPSIS technique utilized is complete, measure the weight of each technique the survey was conducted by questionnaire also produced a prerequisite for the use AHP method.

Survey targets were obtained by a survey targeted only the streetcar development specialist with over 5 years experience, the weight calculation is lacking in both Scoring model and TOPSIS technique is to mix the AHP method

The data were analyzed. See the results of this study, as well as train development professionals, if you apply to users and administrators to obtain expected to take as a reference in determining the priority of the weapon system performance improvement elements.

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