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How to Design Instructional Plan-Reading?

How to Design Instructional Plan-Reading?
Choose a lesson plan to design in your instructional plan.
Part 1 Instructional Plan is complete.
Part 2 Instructional Plan NEED to be complete. Answer the highlight mark in instructional plan.
The lesson I choose “I see the tree Vowel” This lesson focus on reading Grade 1
Task Details: Students are required to choose product/services they want to analyse, and interview two respondents who have recently purchased the chosen product/services, to gain in-depth understanding of how the consumers go through each stage of the decision-making process. Please refer to Consumer Decision Making process as explained in Chapter 4. There are two stages of the assignment: 1. Conduct and in-depth interview for two respondents about how they go through each stage of their purchase decision-making process, the following information are to be collected from the interview: a. What was bought (should be the same product for both respondents) b. What type of purchase it was (habitual, limited or extended) and whether it was a low or high involvement decision? c. Purchase decision making process: i. What triggered the problem recognition? ii. Time (cost and benefit) associated with information search and what was involved in the information search. iii. What were their evaluation criteria, which brands were in their consideration sets and how they made their decision? iv. Where and how it was purchased and the environmental triggered happening at this stage of decision making process. v. What happened at the post purchase stage? 2. Report the findings and analyse whether or not there are any differences between the interview results and the literature (theories).
Suggested Structure: Part 1: Concise background information on the product/services and the respondents. In this section, provide a brief background about the chosen product/services which include the discussion about the brand, as well as provide the respondents’’ profile (age, gender, educational background and other relevant information)
Part 2: Analysis on the respondents’ decision making process. In this section, describe the purchase decision making process of the two respondents, following the sequential steps of the process. Please refer to Chapter 4.
Part 3: Analysis on the respondents’/ decision making process. In this section, compare the results of the interview as described in part 2 with evidences from the literature by referring to at least four different academic sources, and discuss any differences between the findings and the literature.
Part 4: Conclusion and recommendation Presentation: 1500 words – correctly referenced. Students should use logical paragraphing and may use headings to improve communication. Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 11pt or Arial 10pt, 1.5 lines spacing, Harvard (Anglia) referencing. Marking Guide: The following applies to submissions
Part 1: Background (15%) Part 2: Description of Purchase Decision Making Process (20%) Part 3: Discussion and comparison with academic literature (30%) Part 4: Recommendation and Conclusion (10%) Presentation: report format and referencing (15%)

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